Environmental and Social Charter

This Environmental Charter is applicable to all of ALT and GFM Australian operations.

a) Corporate Responsibility

Alt Resources is committed to conducting our operations and activities in harmony with the environment and community,  and wherever practicable to work in collaboration with communities and government institutions in decision-making and activities for effective, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Our aim is to minimize our environmental footprint and safeguard the environment while sharing the benefits of share the benefits of mining with our employees and the community and contribute to economic and social development, minimizing our environmental footprint and safeguarding the environment, now and for future generations.

b) Employees

Alt Resources promotes equal opportunity and non-discrimination for employees and contractors.

Alt Resources adopts a responsible management structure, hiring qualified and experienced employees and contractors with clearly defined functions and responsibilities.

c) Health & Safety

Alt Resources promotes a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and contractors to ensure the highest standard of health and safety performance in accordance with relevant standards and regulations.

d) Communities

Alt Resources promotes employment and economic opportunities to the areas around mine sites where practicable to promote regional development.

e) Environment

Alt Resources’ exploration activities are conducted in a manner that minimizes environmental impact and disturbance to the community. Our focus is on the preservation of natural flora and fauna, ongoing soil reclamation, reforestation of affected areas, water protection and proper handling of solid and hazardous waste.

Alt and GFM are committed to minimising the environmental risks and impacts of their exploration and mining operations by the following:

i) Comply with all applicable legal requirements and applicable industry Codes of Practice in relation to the environmental aspects of its activities;

ii) Strive for continual improvement in its management of the environmental aspects of its operations in accordance with relevant legal requirements and policy guidelines;

iii) Inform employees and contractors involved in the operations of Alt and GFM of relevant environmental standards and rehabilitation requirements;

iv) Conduct activities in a manner that safeguards the health and safety of people;

v) Communicate this environmental charter to employees and interested parties;

vi) Conduct risk assessments as required for activities on a site-specific basis to manage all environmental impacts;

vii) Prevent pollution through strict adherence to set practices and procedures;

viii) Respect the interests of pastoral and other landholders, and openly and constructively engage with landholders and communities surrounding the Tenements where relevant;

ix) Respect Indigenous and non-Indigenous heritage and where practicable avoid impacts on cultural heritage sites and places of significance;

x) Strive to minimise waste in all aspects of operations through reduction, reuse and recycling;

xi) Be mindful of the need to minimise impacts to the landscape and biodiversity values and where possible take practical measures to mitigate the impacts of the activities of Alt and GFM;

xii) Rehabilitate land affected by Alt and GFM activities to standards required by the Department of Trade and Investment.

This Environmental Charter is applicable to all of ALT and GFM Australian operations.

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