Bottle Creek Project

The Bottle Creek gold mine lies ~100 km north west of Menzies in the northern goldfields of Western Australia . The gold mine is located on the northern extremity of the Mt Ida Shear and the confluence of the Zuleika Shear, the Mt Ida Shear extends from south of Davyhurst to Mt Alexander.  The Company considers Bottle Creek to be a standalone Au-Ag project with potential to re-develop into a mining hub for Mt Ida gold belt.

Bottle Creek mineralisation sits in a strongly weathered oxide zone predominantly between a mafic unit to the east and a felsic quartz porphyry to the west and a regolith profile to a depth of ~80-90m. Gold mineralisation has been enriched through the supergene processes in the oxidised zone and into the transition zone below the base of oxidation.

High grade gold and silver are located in the sedimentary shale beds and this oxidised ore zone was the target of the previous miner Norgold Limited in the 1987-88 mining cycle. Norgold mined Bottle Creek in 1987-88 with head grades ranging from 2.8 t0 3.5g/t and an average gold recovery of 92% in a CIP circuit.

The Bottle Creek project comprises two granted mining leases with significant sunk infrastructure capital on the site.  The Company’s vision is to continue resource and exploration drilling to upgrade and expand the Bottle Creek resource. In general expanding the JORC Resources across the wider Mt Ida Gold project, making new discoveries and moving towards establishment of a central gold production hub at the Bottle Creek mine site.

Historically mined ore was treated onsite in a CIP processing plant, producing 93,000 oz Au over an 18-month period from 1987-1988 from two open pits; Boags and VB. The Emu and Southwark deposits are un-mined and lie 4000 metres up-strike from the Boags and VB pits. The Emu and Southwark deposits are the current location of the Company’s RC and diamond drilling programs which will form the maiden Indicated gold resource at Bottle Creek.

Bottle creek drilling

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